About Us

Janssen Cosmetics in Australia


Effective Skin Solutions Pty Ltd (trading as Janssen Cosmetics Australia) is the sole, exclusive, authorized distributor of Janssen Cosmetics products in Australia as approved by Janssen Cosmetics GmBH in Germany.


A History of Janssen Cosmetics


Janssen Cosmetics was founded in Germany in 1997 by Walther Janssen and his wife Elka. Janssen Cosmetics was the first German company to launch a range of skin care products that combined pharmeceuticals and cosmetics; creating products now know as cosmeceuticals.

Each cosmeceuctical series is based on an active substance concept which is optimally tailored to a specific skin type and achieves both visible and measurable results. Cosmeceuticals do not act exclusively on the surface of the skin but achieve an effect deep down in the skin. The skin's different needs and requirements are specifically targeted, leading to an immediate and long-term improvement in the skin's profile.

Over the past 20 years the Janssen Cosmetics brand has become widely established around the world. The product range contains over 250 retail products across 4 main ranges; cosmeceuticals, biocosmetics, wellness & spa, and Platinum Care.